Oh, hello! We're GasPedal.

We teach businesses to be nicer to you.

Our Projects

  • SocialMedia.org

    We’re the community for social media leaders at the world’s greatest brands.


    Members help one another by sharing best practices, actionable advice, and solutions to the issues they can’t talk about anywhere else — all in our vendor-free environment.

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  • WordofMouth.org

    We teach word of mouth marketing.



    WordofMouth.org is where you’ll learn to be a great word of mouth marketer. You’ll love our free videos, articles, and case studies — all filled with practical, how-to advice.

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Our Events

  • Our events are practical, you-can-do-it, how-to kinds of events. You'll walk out ready to make word of mouth and social media work for you based on our real-world case studies from smart people who have actually done it.