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GasPedal will help you get started with word of mouth marketing, blogs, social media, communities, and viral marketing.

We’re not an agency, and we don’t do campaigns. We teach you how to do it yourself, create an action plan, and manage the program. You’ll learn how to spend your time and money wisely for best results.

If you’re fascinated by Zappos and you envy the love for Southwest Airlines — we can help you get the confidence and practical expertise to make this happen at your company.

Our fast, how-to marketing strategies are affordable, easy to execute, and deliver measurable ROI in 60 days.

OK. I want to start a word of mouth marketing program. Now what?

Call us first.

We’ll help you build the foundation for a long-term, scalable word of mouth program. We’re honest, unbiased, and we focus on what will work for you.

We’re the people who tell you what you can (and should) do yourself and what to outsource. We’ll give you the big picture, core skills, and a specific roadmap.

We’ll help you get better results, spend less on external vendors, and make better buying and strategic decisions.

But I’ve got this awesome agency that is like totally viral.

Word of mouth is something you earn, not something you buy. It isn’t the result of a clever campaign, dumb luck, or wacky stunts. It starts with an internal focus on the fundamentals. It’s a planned, well-executed strategy to earn the respect of your customers and get them talking about you. It’s a methodology for starting good conversations and earning great recommendations.

Word of mouth is something you can be amazing at. It’ll help you get more customers, lower your marketing costs, and build long-term customer loyalty.

It’s also your opportunity to make your company better, more transparent, more loved, and more profitable.

Hire us before you hire an agency.

Hire us to help you with the fundamentals before you hire an agency. You’ll use your time and money much better when you know what you can do yourself and when to get help.

Our 5 1/2 deliverables.

In one day we’ll give you a word of mouth marketing program. You’ll get:

  1. Ideas you can actually use. No theories, no trends, no useless “vision.” Our advice will be affordable, doable by your existing team, and will deliver measurable results in less than 60 days.
  2. A prioritized action plan. We’ll boil everything down to a calm, focused list of action steps prioritized by easiest to do, least expensive, and fastest results.
  3. Quick wins. Your action plan will have you focused on immediate opportunities. You’ll experience quick successes, get solid proof points, and have real, measurable wins beginning on day one.
  4. Priceless independent perspective. We’re unbiased. We don’t do campaigns, we’re not pushing any tools or platforms, and we don’t do long-term retainers. This is our only product. Our goal is to make you great at this and get you telling your friends about us.
  5. Straight, honest answers. We’re incredibly blunt. We don’t pull punches. We’ll cut right through the bullshit and solve your problems.
    • 5.5 Fancy ring binder. But wait! You’ll also get a shiny three-ring binder with impressive charts that you can show your boss and CFO. (Of course, the real value will be concisely summarized in a simple, two-page action plan.)

What is the day like?

This is a completely customized seminar created just for you.

We’ll build a program from a series of modules to give you the skills and strategies you need to build your word of mouth program. We’ll spend the day focused on your brand, your challenges, your industry, and your opportunities. This is going to be a practical day of planning.

As we work through each discussion, we’ll highlight key action points and fantastic ideas you can actually use. We’ll then spend the last hour of our course building a specific action plan you can implement the next day.

Sample sessions include:

  • Talkers: Identifying the most likely talkers and learning to motivate them.
  • Reasons to Talk: Strategies to give people reasons to talk. How to create buzz, news, excitement, and energy.
  • Responding and Participating: Proper ethics and etiquette for joining the online conversation, as well as how to respond to negative word of mouth.
  • Blogging, Social Media, and Email: How to use blogs, online communities, and email newsletters to jumpstart conversations and keep them going over the long term.
  • Offline Word of Mouth: Strategies for creating conversations in the real world — not just online.
  • Tracking and Measuring: Core techniques for measuring your word of mouth and what to do with this new data.

Who should be there?

We can accommodate teams of any size, but we recommend groups no larger than 25.

The more diverse the participants, the better. Your word of mouth program will work best when lots of departments are working together to earn the love and trust of your customers.

If you’ve got skeptical management, we can even put together a special session just for them. And if you really want to get everyone involved, we can deliver the Word of Mouth 101 session to the entire company — we’ve done it for groups of more than 1,000.

Ready for amazing word of mouth? Drop us a line. We’d love to meet you.


“I recommend GasPedal without hesitation to any company interested in creative, expert ideas that generate immediate results.”
— Katie Ho, TiVo

“With all of the changes we’ve implemented since your recommendations, we’ve increased our weekly registration totals to our newsletter by 400%.”
— Dirk Hoerter, Kimberly-Clark

“GasPedal taught us intuitive and counter-intuitive ideas that pushed us to reexamine what we do and how we do it.”
— Ron Stitt, ABC

“We all felt like the seminar was extremely valuable in terms of giving us practical ideas for our email/newsletter strategy as well as pushing our thinking on what we could be doing.”
— Scott Silverman,

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