We teach word of mouth marketing and we create communities to support social media pioneers inside big brands.

Why? Because companies that understand this stuff are more open, transparent, honest, and kind. Because companies that learn to get people talking (and learn to talk back) are better businesses.

We believe word of mouth is good for society and is a profitable business strategy. Companies everywhere are beginning to realize this is the one and only secret to success. They’re building a future where honest, ethical customer love is the most powerful kind of marketing.

These companies are learning to listen, to obsess over the customer experience, to treat people like people, to value values, to be a part of the community. To be nice.

Our readers/fans/members/customers are smart people who are changing things. They’re improving the relationship between businesses and consumers.

But we’re not just about the warm and fuzzies… We’re the practical, how-to people.

Our communities focus on connecting smart marketers who believe in this stuff, our conferences feature actual practitioners, and our newsletters and blogs offer ideas you can actually use.

Our promise: If it’s from us, it’s practical, it’s doable, it’s fast, and it’s inspiring.

It’s usually good fun, too.